Kanye and Worship

Kanye West is a massively well known, popular music artist. He recently made headlines because he announced he had been “radically converted”; he’s now a Christian. Not only that, he also stunned many by saying, he’s not going to release anymore secular music… only gospel music from now on. Following up on that promise, Kanye … Continue reading Kanye and Worship


The setting is World War II. As American planes returned from the battlefields in Europe, they were riddled with bullet holes. The Navy sent the data of the distribution of the bullet holes to the SRG (Statistical Research Group) in hopes that they would give advice on how to better armour their planes. The data … Continue reading Perspective

“Regardless of race, language or religion” & the gospel

“Regardless of race, language, or religion…” we repeat this phrase at every assembly and perhaps for some of us familiarity breeds if not contempt, then perhaps merely indifference. But as we approach Singapore’s 54th birthday, it is as good a time as any to reflect on the value of this kind of equality. We can … Continue reading “Regardless of race, language or religion” & the gospel