Be a blessing!

Inspired by many others (Pastor Christopher Ho is one example), I decided to do a good deed while grocery shopping. I bought a large bottle of 100 Plus with the intention of blessing a group of youths playing soccer at the park below my flat. I handed the drink to them and it was interesting to me that it was enthusiastically received (no shyness whatsoever!) Then I spotted one of them wearing a St. Andrew’s Rugby T-Shirt. As it turned out, he wasn’t from St. Andrew’s, but the group of youths all played rugby. We chatted and they started mentioning familiar names from St. Andrew’s rugby team, and so we talked a little about rugby and stuff. As I left for home soon after, I didn’t manage to get their names, but I’m hoping to bump into them again soon.

My simple reflection: being a blessing opens doors and hearts. To be honest, I was pretty nonplussed at them playing soccer in the first place (because the park is out of bounds for playing soccer, there are many young children who walk there). But I think God stirred me with this principle: if you do good to those you may not like, you’ll actually find yourself disliking them less, and perhaps even liking them. It’s all about human connection.

With regards to evangelism, to me, this was a lesson in going beyond comfort zones. This was about thinking less of self and more of others. Evangelism is not merely sharing the gospel, it starts with loving people with God’s love.


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