Follow Your Heart or Not?

If there is a phrase that captures the mood of youths in society today, it would possibly be this one, “Follow your heart” or in even more stark terms, YOLO!

But is there any biblical basis for such a belief? One of my current favourite Christian writers, Jon Bloom, has penned a free eBook on this topic, that I urge any Christian youth to read. You can get it here.

God bless!


4 thoughts on “Follow Your Heart or Not?

  1. shadowfiery says:

    Hi Aaron! You dont know me and i probably dont know you in real life either, but i recently started following your blog when i found a link to it from your thoughts on the CHC case i think.

    Anyway, while i totally agree with the article and your opinion, there is just one tiny thing I dont agree with, but this is just my personal experience of it, which i recognise that very people see it the same way, and that is your corelation of YOLO with follow your heart. While it is true that when most people think of YOLO it may be aligned to the inclination to just follow the path in which your heart so desires, but for me, YOLO has always meant that If I only have one life to live, I have no time to waste on desires I want to satisfy, and only have one life to try that which God has placed upon my heart – that is to say, rather than fear or doubt that I may not be good enough, prepared enough, equipped enough, if i know it was prepared beforehand that I may walk into it, YOLO. haha.

    The heart surely is deceitful, and sometimes, it leads us the wrong way, but sometimes it also leads us to NOT dare to do things that God would have loved for us to step into, and in those times, is when I tell myself, YOLO. ๐Ÿ™‚

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