My look back on 2015

2015 was a pretty significant year for me. 10 years ago, I married my lovely wife, Catherine. This November, we got to spend our anniversary in our favourite country apart from Singapore, Japan. Here’s a photo essay of our trip. What a blessing from God! He has been so faithful to us. May our marriage increasingly reflect the love of our God.


I reached another 10 year milestone in my life this year. 2015 marks 10 years I’ve spent as chaplain’s assistant in St. Andrew’s Secondary School. It has been a remarkable ride. Entirely by divine appointment, God placed me in this school. Looking back through all the highs and lows (and there were many lows), I’ve seen God grow me like never before here.


Even as I move on from St. Andrew’s, I will always look back fondly upon my time there. I will miss all my dear colleagues and teachers in the school. And I pray in some small way, I’ve made a difference in the lives of the boys.


St. Andrew's Final Assembly Devotion


2016 is a year of new beginnings for me. I will be starting work as a Christian Ministry Staff at Fairfield Methodist Secondary School. New place. New people. I definitely feel some apprehension as I approach the new year. On top of the new ministry, I am also required to take evening courses at TTC. Juggling family time with ministry will be challenging.

But I feel the last official prayer I prayed for St. Andrew’s at teacher’s communion service for them is also a personal prayer.

The Word of God from Isaiah 43:18, 19 “Do not call to mind the former things, Or ponder things of the past. Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert.”

So I’m stepping into the new year with the assurance that Almighty God is doing a new thing in and through me. His presence goes before me. His provision is sufficient. His promises are true. He is faithful. And that is enough.

And for all of you, my dear family and friends, this is what I pray for you too. Have a blessed 2016!


2 thoughts on “My look back on 2015

  1. Ben Lee says:

    Beginning the year feeling like Robin without Batman, 3PO without R2, an X-wing without Luke…

    Only recourse to trust that the Lord will see us through. The Lord be with you, dear brother.

    • aaronho1974 says:

      Yeah, feeling a little lost here too! Really will miss our conversations, both the serious and the silly. 🙂
      Indeed, may the Lord be with you and family (and CHS too!) in this new season. He is faithful to see us through. Keep in touch!

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