Prayer-answering God

It was just yesterday I read the Straits Times article detailing the past month as the driest March in over a century. My initial reaction was one of dismay because the article said there would be little respite for the next two weeks. Soaring temperatures. Dry weather. Haze. When I shared the article over Facebook and typed “祷告“, my prayer for God to have mercy and send rain really wasn’t some super, faith-filled, anointed prayer. It was merely a simple call to my God, knowing He’s gracious and merciful, and trusting He knows best.

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 8.27.16 PM


Imagine my utter delight when it poured in parts of Singapore today (including where I stay in Bt. Panjang). I immediately thought of my prayer. I suppose if one doesn’t believe in God, one could very well dismiss this as coincidence. Well, all I can say is, over the course of my Christian life, there have been many “coincidences”.

Of course, my conclusion would be, we need to pray. Now, I’m not saying it’s because I prayed that God sent rain. That would be the height of arrogance. Rather, my personal theology informs me that prayer does not change God’s plans, but that God desires to affect His good plans through the prayers of His people (subject for a subsequent post perhaps). It’s an incredible privilege to pray. The world needs our prayers. People need our prayers. God listens to and answers our prayers. Shall we pray?


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