How Dangerous is the Error of Hyper Grace?

One Day At A Time


Although much has been said and written about Hyper Grace, I readily accepted an invitation to attend a talk by Dr Roland Chia on 2 May 2016, organised by the Chinese Annual Conference of the Methodist Church in Singapore.

Dr Roland Chia is the Chew Hock Hin Professor of Christian Doctrine of Trinity Theological College and the Theological and Research Advisor of the Ethos Institute of Public Christianity. Yet, credentials aside, it was the opportunity to hear a local critique and perspective of Hyper Grace that drew me to the talk. After all, Singapore is one of the main exporters of this doctrine through Joseph Prince of New Creation Church. It is only appropriate that one of our own presents a point of view.

In just over one hour, Dr Chia delivered his presentation very clearly and precisely. We were given a quick introduction, followed by a broad overview of what Hyper Grace…

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