NASB Schuyler Quentel Bible

So I decided to splurge on a Christmas present for myself: a heirloom-quality Bible (one I hope to pass down to my children). Here are some reasons why I went for this particular bible.

I realise the New American Standard version is not everyone’s cup of tea in terms of translation. Some complain the language is archaic, and there’s some truth in that. But I have grown fond of it; to me, there’s beauty in the expressions found in the NAS. More importantly, the NAS is closer to a literal translation, which tends to capture the original language structure better (therefore, better for studying the Word).

2. Text size
As I age, my sight isn’t getting any better. The large text size in this bible is just great. Reading through the bible is a breeze. Enough said.

3. Made to last
Yes, it’s expensive. But you are paying for the quality of the paper, and the goatskin cover. We are going to be reading God’s Word our whole life through. I for one don’t mind this investment.

4. It’s gorgeous
Pictures tell a thousand words.

If you want to read a really in-depth review, check out this one!


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