Faith in God’s healing and faith in God’s timing

She had suffered physically for 12 years, 12 long years. She had visited physician after physician, in hopes of getting better. She had exhausted her life savings. But healing eluded her. Her hopes seemed extinguished. And yet…

The talk of the town was this person called Jesus. Word had it that he was doing miracles, even of miraculous healing. Something stirred within her heart. One day, whilst on the streets, this Jesus person happened to be passing by. The woman crept up behind him and grasped at his cloak… she grasped at hope. Instantly she was healed. What a story!

The narrative is found in the gospel of Mark 5:25-34. As I meditated upon this passage, one of the things that struck me was the faith of this woman. A faith that lasted 12 years of non-healing.

Those who read my blog would know I do not subscribe to either definitive or instantaneous healing simply because of faith in Jesus. But biblical balance demands that we also do not lose faith in the God of miracles. And if God, in His wisdom, deems it loving to heal after some time, we must not shrink back in faith to receive His healing.

Whether we have wrestled with long periods of depression (even clinical depression), or recurrent illness, we can continue to pray for healing. Faith in God not only trusts Him for healing, but also for His timing.


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