The Privilege of being a Christian Ministry Staff

A friend. A mentor. A spiritual guide. Christian Ministry Staff (CMS) play all these roles and more in the Methodist Schools. Here is a brief snapshot of life as a CMS. It was the second week of the new school year and also my second week as a CMS in Fairfield Methodist Secondary School, when … Continue reading The Privilege of being a Christian Ministry Staff

Aftermath of the City Harvest verdict

So this was the big news in Singapore today: The City Harvest Church case. The reactions to the final verdict - and reduced sentences of all the accused - span the whole gamut of emotions: from relief (understandably so from the congregation) to outrage (understandably so from the general public). My personal reflections concerning the … Continue reading Aftermath of the City Harvest verdict

Reaching Millennials

This afternoon, a colleague sent us an article that spoke of the challenge the Church faces in reaching millennials (which you can read here). Though I found myself agreeing with many of the sentiments of the author, I also found myself wondering if there are other perspectives concerning the issue. I offer my humble thoughts: i. … Continue reading Reaching Millennials

Random musings on the ‘Trump’ phenomena

World politics in recent times has been dominated by just one word: Trump. This post will probably be one of my least coherent ones simply because there are just so many things one could say. So please indulge me and forgive the verbal diarrhoea. Speaking from a Singaporean vantage point, one of the key ideas I … Continue reading Random musings on the ‘Trump’ phenomena

NASB Schuyler Quentel Bible

So I decided to splurge on a Christmas present for myself: a heirloom-quality Bible (one I hope to pass down to my children). Here are some reasons why I went for this particular bible. 1. NASB I realise the New American Standard version is not everyone's cup of tea in terms of translation. Some complain the … Continue reading NASB Schuyler Quentel Bible

The Blessing and the Responsibility

One of the most oft quoted (misquoted) verses I've heard from friends is 3 John 2, "Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers..." It is a popular verse used to justify a certain theology (Word-Faith/Health-Wealth-Prosperity). So, the line of argument goes like … Continue reading The Blessing and the Responsibility