Overcoming Failure – ACJC morning devotion

I'm sure many of you are familiar with memes... such as this one. This morning, I would like to address the issue of failure. All of us have experienced this in some form before: whether in our term exams, perhaps during our CCA competitions, it could even be in the form of friendships or dating … Continue reading Overcoming Failure – ACJC morning devotion


Date with Dad – ACJC morning devotion

It was a busy Saturday over the weekend for me. In the morning, I brought my son to Fairfield’s Carnival. And in the afternoon, I brought my daughter, Samantha, out for a very special date. Date with Dad is an annual event organized by Focus on the Family (Singapore) to encourage the fostering of deeper … Continue reading Date with Dad – ACJC morning devotion

Don’t Worry, Be Happy! (ACJC assembly devotion)

Good morning. I want to begin this morning’s devotion by asking this question: what is the most repeated command in the Bible? You may turn to your neighbour and discuss. The most repeated command in the Bible is “Thou shalt pay attention during assembly devotion.” Joking! Now, I suspect that many of us may have guessed something along … Continue reading Don’t Worry, Be Happy! (ACJC assembly devotion)